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The absolute best in the world.  It’s been a family tradition for 5 generations of my family!

For more than 90 years, ice cream lovers have flocked to the Original Rainbow Cone for a taste of its eponymous treat. And with a pedigree that impressive, it’s probably worth a second look.

The Original Rainbow Cone is a local tradition dating all the way back to 1926, when founder Joseph Sapp opened his flagship location on 92nd and Western on Chicago’s south side. 

Who needs Mega Millions? You can find your pot of gold, piled high with five flavors, at Original Rainbow Cone, which in a surprise move, will remain open this winter.

Once again, Chicagoans have somehow made it through another ridiculous Midwestern winter. And now that spring is officially approaching, that means one very important thing is coming along with it: ice cream season.

Ah, that sweet synergy of flavors. Like the city itself, the Rainbow Cone is a painterly masterpiece of colors and tastes, each separate and distinct, which together somehow become more than the sum of their parts. 

People come from all over the South Side for a taste of nostalgia at The Original Rainbow Cone. Located in a house once occupied by Joe and Katherine Sapp, their granddaughter now runs this one-of-a-kind ice cream parlor.

This year’s idyllic 70-degree forecast allows you to dig into a Rainbow Cone without the whole thing melting down your arm within 10 seconds.

The festival also features perennial favorites like Lou Malnati’s, Buona Beef, and Eli’s Cheesecake. A crowd favorite, “The Original Rainbow Cone” will return with Chicago’s rainbow ice cream.

Stop when you see the historic pink building where Chicago ice cream lovers have been getting their sweet fix for nearly a century.

The end of winter is near. We know that because ice cream will soon return to its rightful place at the corner of 92nd and Western in the city’s Beverly neighborhood in just a few short days.

Drivers on Western Avenue may have noticed a new look to the Original Rainbow Cone.

Rainbow Cone is open for the season — and you can now have it delivered to your house. It’s going to be another cold week ahead, but don’t let that stop you: put on your Snuggie and order some Rainbow Cone to enjoy on your couch.

And although the numbers aren’t in yet for Chicago’s Original Rainbow Cone (pretty sure they are still counting) we know they will be chart toppers.

Open Outcry and Horse Thief Hollow brewing companies are again teaming up to create four beers honoring The Original Rainbow Cone.

A classic treat has returned to The Creamery locations in Mokena, Frankfort and Orland Hills. The Original Rainbow Cone Cake Rolls have been flying off the shelves since owners Jillian Hersted and Jodi McCarthy brought them back to their stores a few months back.

Today’s Most Valuable person on the planet is Lynn Sapp, the owner of the Original Rainbow Cone! Rainbow Cone recently announced that they will be staying open during the winter and that is exactly the news that we need right now!

Next week Chicagoans will be able to taste beers that are an homage to what may be Chicago’s most iconic ice cream shop.

It might be rainy and cold outside today, but a sure sign of spring arrives Friday when the Original Rainbow Cone opens for the season in the Beverly neighborhood.

Lynn Sapp, the third-generation owner of Original Rainbow Cone in Beverly, had been waiting a quarter-century for the call.

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